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  • Retain existing customers.
  • Singular focus on CRM.
  • Ease of Access.
  • Cost Effective.

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Every record in Abentrix is easy to search for and modify, and is structured like a portfolio, so that any associated information is also easy to find. Whether you're looking at leads, customers, organizations, or opportunities, see all of the related notes, email communications, campaign engagement histories, documents and beyond in an easy to read and modify view.

Project Management is well organized and systematically planned discipline, defined with beginning and ending, to accomplish a successful project. Projects are designed with definite goals, tasks, resources and requires earnest efforts of expert team to deliver a specific product or a service.

Instructor Led Training combines the interaction of traditional classroom learning with the convenience of the Internet, delivered live by one of Abentrix experts. Training is your quickest route to success with Abentrix. Customers who were trained by Abentrix report 52% higher user adoption rates and 132% increased sales pipeline.* Train your users in classroom and virtual instructor-led classes as well as self-paced online courses.

We provide a superb level of support for our customers. Our support provides flexible, industry-leading support, services, and resources that enable users to quickly address technical issues, deepen their professional expertise, and maximize return on investment. Give customers the answers they need, whenever they need them. Today�s customers expect to have access to customer service on their terms. And that means providing them with a variety of options for 24x7 support.

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